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Reduce Blood Pressure - 6 Steps to Living a Healthy Life

By Alvin Hopkinson

Blood pressure is two measurements that determine the pressure of your blood moving through your arteries. The arteries carry the blood from your heart to the rest of your body.

High blood pressure or hypertension occurs when the blood circulates through the arteries at a higher pressure than normal. At this point, it is important to implement treatment to reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause further complications that are potentially life threatening if not treated immediately.

High blood pressure is a dangerous disease that damages the blood vessels. The disease also raises the risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart disease and heart attack. The disease may develop in children as well as in adults. The risks of developing hypertension may increase if it is prominent within your family, if you live an unhealthy life- style, and if you have had high blood pressure in the past.

It is recommended by healthcare providers that you get your blood pressure checked regularly; especially if you have a predisposition to develop the condition. Upon diagnosis, the physicians prescribe and recommend several treatment therapies to reduce blood pressure.

There are many ways to lower high blood pressure and manage the effects of the condition. In most cases, physicians first implement drug therapy to fight the progression of hypertension. However, treatment can also begin with you. It begins with changes that you make in your life- style.

Changing your life- style will not only reduce blood pressure, but it will significantly decrease your risk of heart disease. More so, a healthy life- style will effectively reduce the amount of medicine (and dosages) that you are prescribed. Some effective life- style changes that you should consider to reduce blood pressure are:

1. Stop smoking cigarettes or any tobacco product 2. Exercise regularly 3. Implement relaxation techniques 4. Loose weight and maintain healthy weight 5. Reduce sodium, alcohol and caffeine 6. Consume healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables 7. Consume healthy foods that are low in cholesterol and fats

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